Samuel Egwurube

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Egwurube holds a degree in Business Management and has over a decade’s wealth of experience in business and not-for-profit organizations; working on projects funded by the European Union, UNODC, International Labour Organisation etc. and serving as member on several National Committees.

S. O. as popularly called has been involved in Multi Level Marketing joining several companies and attaining recognizable leadership ranks and success. He’s an ardent student of lifelong success, an electrifying speaker and trainer who believes that “There shouldn’t be anyone out there without at least an OPPORTUNITY to create a great life”.
He is very instrumental to the establishment of AFRILIFE.

Muhammed Mustapha

Chief Operations Officer

Mr Mo is a graduate of Secretarial Administration with a career spanning over a decade in the banking sector cutting across operations, marketing, cards and one of the pioneer promoters of E-banking.

He is a life coach and facilitator with the passion for helping others restructure their minds and build capacity.

VP Sales and Marketing

You can become the VP Sales and Marketing by simply being the first to reach the rank of Platinum Executive. Benefits includes equity stake. Any Distributor can qualify as it is purely by performance.

Exclusive for a Female

In our poise to promote women active participation in business and leadership. We have reserved a position exclusively for the first Female to reach the rank of Platinum executive.