afrilife cosponsor program

CoSponsor a project and earn up to 30% returns plus your initial sponsorship.

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About the model

AFRILIFE has developed the world’s first CoSponsor Distribution Business Model. This is a democratized business model where AFRILIFE consumers and supporters can also earn from promoting their favorite products by becoming an Independent Distributor or CoSponsoring its distribution through select stores and getting returns annually. 

With over 10,000 retail outlets on our database and increasing demand for our products across several cities and the diaspora, we have created the cosponsor program to meet this demand.

Upto 30% in Projected Returns

Through our cosponsor program more households can earn extra income. Cosponsors can get up to 30% returns on original sponsorship units made towards distributing our products.

Improving African Lives

Together with our cosponsors, more households across Nigeria will conveniently access our products to better manage their weight, lead healthy lives but without radical changes to their lifestyle.

Creating More Jobs

More and more people across the value chain; farmers, production, logistic handlers etc, will be able to keep their jobs, expand their business and afford an improved standard of living for their families.

cosponsor a project

Pilot Series 1

The first ever CoSponsor Distribution Project

N10,000 per unit

Min per cosponsor: 1 unit

Max per cosponsor: 190 units

Projected Returns: 30%

Tenure: 12 months

Sold Out

-898Days -22Hours -19Minutes -49Seconds

Pilot Series 2

April - Sept. 2019

N10,000 per unit

Min per cosponsor: – 1 unit

Max per cosponsor: – 150 units

Projected Returns: – 10%

Tenure: – 6 months

Sold Out

Pilot Series 3

Project EKO. Targeting the Lagos Market with a population of over 20m.

Oct. 19 - Mar. 2020

N20,000 per unit

Min per cosponsor: – 1 unit

Max per cosponsor: – 200 units

Projected Returns: – 10%

Tenure: – 6 months (auto renewal of Principal).

Sold Out

Take a Closer Look at our products

The Project

A typical project is the total cost of products, marketing and the logistics of selling to selected retail stores. It is divided into units and runs for a period known as tenure.

Products: our products are premium food products that promotes better weight management without radical changes to our lifestyle and can be consumed even by diabetics. They include: Afrilife® Flour, Afrilife® Lite, Afrilife® Diet and Afrilife® Delite and all come in two sizes.


Easy to make (Ready in 1 minute)

All 100% Natural. From Farm – Product – You.

The Delivery Process

Partner Stores: we take the sales first approach by identifying and qualifying select partner stores based on our indices and criteria. Strike a deal and secure a purchase order.

Farmers: all our raw materials are locally sourced from a pool of small holder farmers with track record of consistent quality produce.

Production: our products are produced in-house to maintain consistent quality and better margins and shipped to partner stores directly.

Payments: we followup to ensure invoices are paid up as scheduled.

The CoSponsor Process

Subscribe for updates: Be the first to know the status of current and future projects.

Select and Sponsor a Project: Cosponsors are to select from active projects and sponsor desired units. 

The funds are used by AFRILIFE to manufacture more products, cover cost of marketing and logistics of selling the products to select retail stores.

The profit at the end of the project tenure is the returns paid to cosponsors along with their initial sponsorship amount.

Updates will be sent to cosponsors via email, whatsapp and other channels on a regular basis.

The Project Management Team

Samuel Egwurube

Chief Executive Officer 

Mr. Egwurube holds a Bachelors degree in Business Management and has over a decade’s wealth of experience in business and not-for-profit organizations; working on projects funded by the European Union, UNODC, International Labour Organisation etc. and serving as member on several National Committees. He was a winner and recipient of the British Council Business Acceleration Bootcamp Grant 2018.

Muhammed Musthapha

Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Mo is a graduate of Secretarial Administration with a career spanning over a decade in the banking sector cutting across operations, marketing, cards and one of the pioneer promoters of E-banking.

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