Become a FOOD Millionaire

Food is the new Oil

At AFRILIFE™ we believe that everyone deserves a fair shot at a great life. We offer individuals a low barrier to entry, low risk and high return opportunity to earn income through our Distributorship Program and improve their lives.

AFRILIFE™ Ambassadors promote our array of high in demand premium products.


  1. Register as an Afrilife Ambassador and purchase a PACKAGE.
  2. Carry out product awareness / Retailing & Service existing customers
  3. Enroll others as Afrilife Ambassadors.

WHO CAN BECOME AN afrilife ambassador

Anyone from the age of 18 years can become an AFRILIFE™ Ambassador for whatever reason; to access our premium products at up to 25% discounts, to earn extra income part-time, to be their own boss, to develop new skills, for recognition and awards, or to be free and celebrated for their efforts and accomplishments.

Whatever your STORY! whatever your GOALS! AFRILIFE says, let's go get it.