About Us

Afrilife Natural Products Ltd – AFRILIFE™ – Live Rich!


A world where everyone can live rich fulfilled lives.


Creating rich experiences that ignites the passion to live and thrive.
We purposefully engage in creating rich experiences and products for all through our brands and creative engagements with our consumers and environment.

Core Values

*Integrity *Impact *Tenacity

Our story

Before sunrise each day, we rise hoping to do two things: Create rich products that improves lives and to create experiences that ignites the passion to live and thrive. All we ask; is it worth IIT?

Afrilife began as a question, then became a quest which has now metamorphosed into a passion to provide a platform that everyone can leverage to create rich fulfilled lives. In 2017, Afrilife held its first stakeholders meeting and decided to create a distributorship program using the multi level marketing model to deliver premium products to households across Nigeria.

The company became incorporated in 2018 and developed multiple products to test the market later narrowing down to four products which has been creating rich experiences for all its consumers across Nigeria.